Leica Akademie Street Photography with Jesse Marlow

Jesse Marlow is based in Melbourne, Australia. His works are held in public and private collections across Australia and the world. In 2011, he was awarded the International Street Photographer of the Year Award. In 2012, Marlow won the MGA – Bowness Prize. In 2014, Marlow released his third monograph Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them. In 2014 he was profiled in the Thames & Hudson book The World Atlas of Street Photography. He is a member of both the international street photographers collective in-public.com and M.33, Melbourne (bio courtesy Leica Instructors).

Some learnings from Jesse's workshop: 

- Look for visual triggers (hi-vis, colour, workmen).

- Look for pictures with a 'bit more of a narrative' or 'sense of mystery'.

- What you leave out builds mystery.

- Work on a project.

- 10 minute limit on working a scene. 

- Use the 'fishing technique'. Wait for people to walk through to create a human element.

- Keep mental notes of things you see on the street and come back to them at different times.

- When stuck try David Gibson's 'impossible letters'. 

Jesse's approach:

- Definitely candid.

- Limit manipulation.

- Always have a camera with you especially in the car. 

- React quickly to scenes and situations that come before you.

- Accept that you may come home with nothing or with photos that will be with you forever.

- Look for an element of human interaction with the environment often in humorous situations.

- Accept that it takes time to build your own style. Take time to experiment. Trial & error.

- Chase down interesting people you may come across in the street.

- Get out there and shoot. Take risks to develop.

- Look at the documentary film "Everybody Street".