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So, who is he? Let’s hear from Simon Ross:

“Antoine is a photographer in Sydney, Australia where he lives with his family & other pets. An inveterate hoarder, he has never sold a camera, dating back to the Nikkormat he started with in 1974.

Antoine is also an avid reader and collector of books on photography. He is currently engrossed in the photo-works of Boogie, Winogrand and Eskenazi as well as the essays of Dyer, Adams and Berger.

Antoine’s body of work spans five decades. He mainly enjoys street photography but can also be found dabbling in performance and studio photography.”

Many thanks to Simon Ross for my bio. Simon is also pretty deft at taking pictures. See what Simon shoots by browsing his Instagram or Website.

The Antipodean Photographer is another area I contribute to. It is a website established by Simon to explore the alchemy of pictures and words. If you have something you would like to contribute then get in touch with me or click on this Website link.

I am a member of Videre Collective a group of eclectic photographers compelled to document life in the medium of digital or film. See what we see by viewing our Instagram or Website.

My weeping heart on the deck drools spit;

They spoil it with cigarette butts,

They splatter it with slop and shit;

My weeping heart on the deck drools spit.

- Rimbaud

I photograph the mundane world immediately around me as a record of my living and,

affected as I am by other people’s ways,

I strive to free myself of them to reach my own.

- Credo based on the words of Paul Strand.

antoine captured ABN 94 386 419 317

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