Emma Swift at the Newtown Social Club

Returning from overseas, Emma Swift supported Robyn Hitchcock and introduced their new 7" single at the Newtown Social Club on Sunday 11th December 2016 shocking us with electric guitar, a bright orange wide-leg jump suit and a new song. What a great night we all had! 

"Emma Swift is a wandering songbird who splits her time between Sydney, Australia and Nashville, Tennessee. A fan of minor chords, scuffed-up boots, gin and endless pedal steel, she likes to play vulnerable music. Her heroes, in no particular order are: Gram Parsons, Anais Nin, Lucinda Williams and whoever invented dry shampoo." - Tiny Ghost Records (Independent record label based in Nashville, TN)

"Her darkly soulful take on the sound of female country masters like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn is a dreamy intoxicated trip that sometimes drifts into Mazzy Star or Cowboy Junkies territory, but does very much capture the essence of classic country soul in its purist form." - Pancakes and Whiskey

Review of Emma and Robyn's new single from BUCKET FULL OF NAILS:

Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift distill two simple truths down to seven minutes of melodic bliss on Love is a Drag, their second 7" single in as many years.

Anchored by the title track’s plaintive strum and Swift’s enveloping vocals, the duo croon, "Treat me like a doll / Show me who you are / Everything you want / Crashes like a car', with Swift taking the lead on the one-sided verses. Backed by the knocking B-side, "Life is Change", Hitchcock and Swift ponder the entropic nature of existence and emotion through a maddening musical prism.

Hitchcock and Swift leave ample space between their dripping harmonies for one to cry, absorb and reconsider the oddity of reality. Released on the pair’s Tiny Ghost Records, you can purchase the single as a digital download or a 7″ vinyl single via the link to Bandcamp below.