A Sixth of a Second in Adelong

I sauntered along Tumut Street, Adelong in the Snowy region of NSW with my camera in hand and mind at ease. The Aussie country tends to do that to the mind and the soul when you pay a short visit. My first street shoot in a small country town. While the gold may have run out sometime ago, Adelong seems comfortable to have transformed into a tranquil village or a mock humility. Its a Sunday afternoon and hard to shoot people as most are not on its streets. They congregate inside classic nineteenth century buildings: homes, the Services Club, the Pub. But some do venture out in dribs and drabs. And cars and bikes pass through on their way to and fro. There are unique relics too like a suspension bridge over the Adelong Creek, the inevitable abandoned vehicles and a mural depicting the town's early mining history. Is street photography primarily the domain of large cities? I hope this series proves that is bunkum!