MARK 5:28 - Iggy Pop at the Sydney Opera House

MARK 5:28 - Iggy Pop at the Sydney Opera House surrounded by fans.
MARK 5:28 - Iggy Pop at the Sydney Opera House surrounded by fans.

MARK 5:28 - Iggy Pop at the Sydney Opera House

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Iggy Pop performed two highly regarded concerts at the Sydney Opera House on the cusp of his 72nd birthday. I took this photo on the second night, Wednesday 17th April 2019. It occurs 18 minutes into the concert during the performance of “No Fun” when the audience is invited to come on stage and dance with Iggy.

The photo was a finalist in the City of Sydney’s Art & About Australian Life Photographic Competition.

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The sizes are for the actual image, H x W. Prints come with a white border to assist framing.

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The three print sizes are shown above: TOP 11” x 18”; MIDDLE: 14” x 23”; BOTTOM 20” x 33”. All sizes are approximate due to rounding and unit conversions. Prints are only available in a landscape orientation. Sizes indicated are for the actual printed area. A white border is provided outside these dimensions which can be trimmed to suit framing.



Its getting technical…



If you have followed this post you will notice I have changed the print designations and quoted sizes. This change is in description only to avoid future confusion. The previous designations A1, A2 and A3 have been replaced by dimension descriptions. The image sizes have not changed from what was described before or from what has already been sold.

I made the description changes for two reasons:

  • The earlier dimensions were inconsistent in treatment of the white border. Now all dimensions are for the actual printed area. The size of the white border varies print to print and can be trimmed to assist framing.

  • Some buyers assumed that the A1, A2 & A3 print designations would fit standard off-the-shelf frames. This is not the case. The designations were based on setting the long edge dimension to exactly match the long edge of the Standard Paper size for A1 and A2. That is, true A1 is 84.1 cm x 59.4 cm. I fixed the long edge of the print to 84.1 cm. From the image’s aspect ratio this resulted in a print height of 51.886 cm which has been rounded to 52cm x 84cm and 20” x 33” - the sizes now quoted. I followed the same logic with the A2 size. For the A3, I made them larger than the long edge of a Standard A3 size which is only 42cm. The size I have been providing is 45cm on the long edge. This larger size I felt has better viewing impact than the smaller A3 long edge.